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These are my favorite resources for independent literacy practice. These activities are effective when reinforcing skills at students’ instructional level. They are in no way meant for drill and practice in a computer lab, but rather in the classroom during centers or during intervention time, targeting skills appropriate for the learner.

Letters and Sounds

Read Between The Lions: Sky Riding—Find the letter in different fonts.

Clifford's Letter Match—Match the beginning sound of the word with the correct letter.
Clifford's Sound Match—Match the picture to its beginning letter sound.
ReadWriteThink: ABC Match—In a game of concentration, match the picture to its beginning letter sound.
ReadWriteThink: Picture Match—Match the picture to the correct beginning sound.

CVC Words

Clifford's Concentration—Match the vowel sound in the middle of the word.
Clifford's Make A Word—Decide which short vowels make a word.
• Read Between The Lions: Chicken Stacker—Find the words that have a specific vowel sound.
ReadWriteThink: Word Family Sort—Pick the vowel and categorize the word with the correct chunk.

Blending and Segmenting

Between the Lions: Blending Bowl—Choose the chunk and blend it with different beginning sounds to make new words.
BBC: Wordblender Game—Pick the correct beginning and ending sounds and then blend them together to make a word. Use the Teacher's Control Panel to select specific initial and final clusters.
ReadWriteThink: Construct a Word—Find a word chunk and build as many words as you can by using different beginning sounds.
Between the Lions: Fuzzy Lion Ears—Click on the correct beginning letter to make the word the narrator says. Most of the words are high frequency words.

Vowel Sounds

ReadWriteThink: Picture Match—Match the picture to the correct vowel sound. Choose short or long vowel sounds.
BBC: Sandcastle Quiz—Choose the phonemes to practice. It's great practice for differentiating phonemes that have the same sound.
BBC: Write a Postcard—Find the vowel phonemes in the paragraph. Click and drag the right phoneme into the blanks.
BBC: Poem Pack—Choose the vowel phoneme to work with. Listen to the poem, find the phonemes in the words in the poem, or fill in the blank with the correct word.

High Frequency Words

Between the Lions: Pounce—Pounce on the word the narrator says. Most of the words are high frequency words.

Modeling Fluent Reading

Clifford's Stories—Listen to the story in English or Spanish. Finish the sentence and the picture changes to match your choice.
Storyline Online: Speakaboos—Listen to stories read by famous authors and actors.


The Messy Attic—Click on the objects described by the narrator.
• Read Between the Lions: Hopposites—Click on the word that is the opposite.
ReadWriteThink: Crossword Puzzles—Create crossword puzzles by entering your own words. or play the puzzles that are already provides. Choose puzzles by grade and topic.
ReadWriteThink: Flip-A-Chip—Mix and match affixes and root words, and then insert the words into a paragraph using context clues to put them in the correct place.
ReadWriteThink: Word Matrix—Students organize words by their connotation, from negative to positive, or relative register, from informal to formal. They add a statement explaining their placement of the words.